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Turmeric + Honey Gel Cleanser

Turmeric + Honey Gel Cleanser

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Turmeric + Honey Gel Cleanser 

This Cleanser is a great attribute to your daily skin care routine. This gentle cleanser is made for all skin types that's struggle with dark spots / hyperpigmentation. Our Turmeric + Honey Cleanser is curated with Turmeric , Honey and Cucumber extract to not only help you lighten your dark spots but also add extra hydration and soothe your skin. A great follow up to use after this product is our facial oil Replenish ! ( No Extra Fragrance Added) 

(Sensitive Skin Friendly)

  Benefits :

- Contains many antioxidants , anti inflammatory properties and Vitamin C which are all vital ingredients for healthy complexion.

- Contains antimicrobial properties to help you maintain blemish free skin

- Calms and soothes 

-Helps aid in lightening dark spots 

How to use:

Damp face with warm water, apply 2-3 pumps of cleanser to palm of hand ( or damp towel/ cleansing pad) and gently massage product into your pores using circular motions. Then rinse gently with warm water . (Keep away from eyes and mouth!)


Vegetable Glycerin , Xanthan gum, Distilled water, Decal Glucoside, Cocamidopropyl betaine , Otiphen, Turmeric Powder, Honey Powder, Cucumber extract

4oz | 118ml

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