What Is My Skin Type?

First of all you may be asking, what exactly is a skin type? 

A Skin Type describes how your skin functions. There are four common types of skin: Normal ,Combination , Oily and Dry. And Yes! your skin type can change due to plenty of things so make sure your a regular testing your skin to keep up with it.

There are plenty of ways of testing your skin type if you are unsure about what skin type you may have.

Our Favorite is called the Bare Face Method. This method involves washing your face with a gentle/mild cleanser and then pat dry. Make sure not to add any other products such as moisturizers and oils after doing this method.  After about 30 minutes , observe your skin. 

if its shiny throughout- oily skin

if its a combination of oily and dry skin along your t zones - combination skin

if its tight and flaky - dry skin

if its well hydrated and regular - normal skin

Remember this is important so you can understand what your skin needs and how to help it! 


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