How we came about...

Dessgalore came to be in the middle of my sophomore year in high school. ( I was 16 at the time)  It started off as a personal project but became more serious when I actually took a liking to creating and experimenting with these products that would eventually change my mom's skin forever . My Mom has always had problems with her acne which would leave acne scars so I really wanted to create products that catered to her skin as she would try everything under the sun to clear her skin but was devastated to find none. Everything she would find either didn't work or made her acne a lot worse due to the harsh chemicals that they were made with and at the time had no idea .

As a person with hyperpigmentation and acne scarring  I understood how she felt to not feel confident about your skin when stepping outside into the public due to your insecurities. 

My first product was "Replenish", a facial oil that has changed my skin tremendously for the better and was able to help soothe her acne but couldn't  clear up the scars that her troubled acne left that made her feel less than. This made me work even harder to curate a cleanser that would clear her scars and make her skin radiant again and after trials and tribulations I was finally able to create a product that brightened her scars and gave her that confidence in her body and skin again.

So with this in mind, I created even more products and launched Dessgalore ( at 18) to be able to help as many people as I can get their confidence back!

It's not just a purchase, Its an experience. 

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